Union Governance

There are a number of governance structures through which policy decisions and administration of the union are carried out.

Delegate Assembly (DA). The DA is our convention which meets once every two years. Delegates are elected to the assembly by local chapters and serve a term of two years. Each chapter is allocated a number of delegates according to the size of its membership. The DA sets over-all union strategy and policy, charters new locals, and establishes national working bodies that carry out union activities. Delegates are unpaid volunteers.

National Executive Committee (NEC). The NEC consists of 11 officers directly elected by the membership. The NEC administers the union between meetings of the NEB, oversees union staff, initiates new union activities, and implements strategies, campaigns, projects, and policies adopted by the Delegate Assembly. The President is paid a full-time salary and the Vice Presidents and Financial Secretary/Traeasurer are paid stipends. The NEC consists of the following offices:

Financial Secretary/Treasurer
1st Vice President
2nd Vice President (External Organizing)
3rd Vice President (Internal Organizing)
3 Trustees

National Executive Board (NEB). The NEB consists of the 11 officers of the National Executive Committee plus the chairs of the 16 local chapters. The NEB meets annualy to approve the annual budget and to review the implementation of policies adopted by the Delegate Assembly.

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