Standing Committees

NWU members may volunteer or be appointed to a number of committees that address specific concerns of the NWU.

Education Committee. Helps further the empowerment of union members by organizing educational programs of various kinds, including training seminars and written materials.

Civil Rights Committee. Committed to diversifying the union at all levels of activity and leadership and addressing the issues of writers of diverse cultural, ethnic, racial and religious heritage; writers of all sexual/gender orientations; and writers with disabilities.

Community Action Program (CAP) Committee. Addresses legislative and political issues in the areas of free speech, human rights, and general labor issues.

Health & Safety Committee. Addresses issues regarding the health and safety of writers.

Elections Committee. Supervises the election of national officers. Members of this committee are elected by the Delegate Assembly.

Poetry & Fiction Caucus. Handles issues and matters regarding fiction authors and poets who publish with both large and small presses.

Academic Writers Caucus. Handles issues and matters regarding writers who publish with academic journals and presses.

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