On September 24, the FBI raided the homes of anti-war activists in Chicago and Minneapolis, removing computers, cell phones, boxes of papers, posters, children’s art and more. They claim they were investigating “material support for terrorism.” More than a dozen federal warrants were served in four states calling people to testify at a Grand Jury this week. On September 27, NWU President Larry Goldbetter issued the following statement which was read by NWU members at a rally protesting the raids in front of FBI headquarters in Chicago. He and other NWU members joined a similar rally in NY on September 28.

“As President of the National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981, I add my voice to those who are standing up to oppose the FBI's raids, remarkably carried out under the Obama Justice Department. This could reflect the future in store for political or labor activists, as the threat of war expands and workers are forced to accept an economy of low wages and permanently high unemployment. You only need to look at Detroit, the South and West sides of Chicago or Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn to grasp the racist character of this future.

Until now, this type of post-9/11 state terror has been reserved for Muslims and immigrants. These raids, while NY taxi drivers are stabbed, racist hysteria surrounds a Manhattan mosque, Korans are burned and Muslim community centers are  set on fire, raises the bar targeting those who oppose US foreign policy and their expanding and endless oil wars.

The National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981, through the NYC UAW CAP Council, is an affiliate of US Labor Against War (USLAW), and part of the movement that has been targeted by the FBI raids.  Writers are no strangers to jail cells. Our sisters and brothers have spilled their blood in Colombia and the Middle East as well as the US, Mexico, Pakistan and around the world. We take the threat of the FBI seriously, but we do not fear them. Every attack will make us stronger.

We join you in the streets of Chicago and NYC. You can count on us as the struggle unfolds.”

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