Response to Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator

On March 24 the National Writers Union submitted a brief to the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator in response to a request for public comments about “the costs IP infringement imposes on the U.S. economy, the threat to public health and safety posed by IP infringement, and recommendations for a U.S. government strategic plan for dealing with IP infringement.” In the past, publishers have tried to speak for writers on this issue. Now it's critical that writers speak for ourselves about who the real copyright infringers are and what we think should be done about it.

 The six-page statement details how a range of illegal and unethical actions by both print and electronic publishers and distributors deprives writers of millions of dollars of income each year while criminally violating writers’ copyrights and contract agreements.
 Submitting this statement reflects the NWU’s continuing commitment to fight for writers’ rights just as we did in Tasini v. The New York Times and in our recent opposition to the proposed Google Book Settlement.  The NWU seeks to defend writers’ copyrights and maximize the many ways authors can materially benefit from their creative work.  
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