Oppose FCC Ruling


More Media Consolidation = Less Truth
The Federal Communications Commission recently issued a landmark ruling that would allow for unprecedented national and local consolidation of electronic and print media.

The National Writers Union (UAW 1981) opposes these recent FCC rulings, and urges you to let the FCC and your representatives know that you find these rulings unacceptable.

Why Should I Care?

If the recent FCC rules are not overturned, then fewer media owners will control more and more media outlets. The big companies will become even more powerful, while smaller companies will struggle to compete with these media giants.

The result? Less work for independent writers, reporters and artists, as the big companies cut back jobs to maximize profits. Fewer viewpoints expressed. Less freedom of speech.

Less Local News.

For example, since the Telecommunications Act of 1996 deregulated radio ownership, Clear Channel Communications has purchased more than 1,200 radio stations. It uses packaged programming, and has drastically cut back both local news staffs and local reporting.

Forget about the whole truth and nothing but the truth, media giants will become even larger gatekeepers, preventing divergent views from ever seeing the light.

Not exactly what our Founding Fathers intended when they drafted the First Amendment.

What Can You Do?

Media consolidation is a major concern for many members of Congress. They are concerned that large media corporations are becoming too powerful and want to know what their constituents think about this important issue.

Likewise, the FCC is holding public hearings on this issue and has been receiving an earful on this matter. So far they aren't listening, but if enough people make their views known, they will have little choice but to respond to the will of the people.

Let your congressional representatives and the FCC know that you oppose the FCC's recent media consolidation rules.



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