NWU Resources for Book Authors




Many of the resources and services offered by the NWU are especially helpful for book authors. Here is a brief guide to NWU resources for book authors, organized into three categories:

    • Information and Networking
    • Help with Contracts and Pay
    • Writing, Publishing, and Marketing A Book 

Information and Networking

Book Division Discussion List. The Book Division Discussion list is an email list for NWU-members only. Members use the list for networking, information sharing, and building NWU campaigns. The list is moderated by the NWU national Book Division co-chairs. To subscribe, see the list of discussion groups in the Members Only section.

Help with Contracts and Pay

Standard Contracts and Guides. The NWU has produced the NWU Freelance Writers' Guide, which includes current rates and practice, and other helpful resources. See the link on the left to order your copy.

    • Guide to Book Contracts (available in the Members Only section)
    • NWU Model Contract for Ghostwriting & Collaborations
    • NWU Literary Agent Agreement

Grievance and Contract Division (GCD). The Grievance and Contract Division of the NWU (GCD) offers free contract advice and grievance assistance to al NWU members. For more information about GCD, how best to negotiate a contract, and to request GCD assistance, go to the Grievance & Contract Division page.

Writing, Publishing, and Marketing a Book

NWU Seminars on the Business of Writing. The NWU regularly offers seminars around the country on topics such as contract negotiation, syndication, and taxes for writers. These seminars are open to all writers but to NWU members at a discount. For more information on seminars being offered in your area, contact your local NWU chair. 

NWU Tools of the Trade. The NWU offers a number of resources for publishing and marketing your book:

    • Model Interview Release Form  
    • Agencies Engaging in Questionable Practices
    • On the Road
    • Print on Demand Publishing


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