NWU Members Blogs and Websites


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The following are NWU members’ blogs and websites, complete with links and short descriptions.


Molly Charboneau (NY)

Molly’s Canopy
Building family trees one leaf (and road trip) at a time.
My blog focuses on genealogy, family history, research travels and the power of story to illuminate ancestors’ lives.


Bonnie Jean Adams, (Chicago)
Chicago Culture & Events Examiner,
My daily column covers interviews, book reviews and event reports of what's happening in Chicago. Working on my first novel, I also teach writing.

Mohammed R. Ahmed (At Large)
It is a place where political, business, sports, lifestyle, and other  ideas are exchanged.

Susan Alyn (Boston)
This is an online ESL magazine for students learning English and their teachers.

Adele Annesi (NY)
Word for Words,
For events and a free workshop, http://www.adeleannesi.com/default.html
Visit her award-winning blog to post or request a guest post for your writing project, http://wordforwords.blogspot.com

Judith Arcana (Oregon/Portland)
Judith’s books include Grace Paley’s Life Stories, A Literary Biography; What if your mother; and 4th Period English. In 2010, she invented the ZAP Writing Workshop + Locally Grown Poetry.

Sheri Bailey (Washington DC)
Collective Arts Theatre (C.A.T.), www.collectiveartstheatre.com
Redefining "community theatre" by using words, music, visuals and movement as the tools in the work of building bridges between diverse folks and ideas is how this C.A.T. meows.

Aimee Baldridge (NY)
Words on Pictures, www.aimeebaldridge.com
This site provides samples of my work and information about my background and the services I offer. I'm an author, editor, and content developer specializing in photography and technology topics.

Aleah Barley (Southeast Michigan)
A Cold Cup of Coffee and a Red Hot Novel
It's a fun blog full of irreverent thoughts on writing fast paced, funny, romance novels, reading everything I can get my hands on, and living in Detroit. 

Melody Beattie (Los Angeles)
Living in the Mystery  http://www.MelodyBeattie.com/blog
I also have a "facebook" type site for people in deep grief.  There are NO fees for joining, and it's content-loaded for the public, whether people join or not.  That site is called The Grief Club and is located at https://www.MelodyBeattie.net.

Barbara Beckwith (Boston)
Articles and essays: adventure travel, the writing life, squash (the sport), books I love, info (chapter summaries) on my booklet, What Was I Thinking? Reflecting on Everyday Racism.

Kitty Beer, (Boston)
Both are exclusively concerned with the environment and climate change, as are my novels.
Author of the novel on climate change, Human Scale
Ellie Belew (Boston)
Ellie Belew, http://www.elliebelew.com
My site is a current compilation of what I am doing, how to get my books, leads on interesting cultural events and literature, and a sampler of my work.

Peter Benjaminson (NY)
Personal website, http://www.peterbenjaminson.com/
My most recent book, The Lost Supreme: The Life of Dreamgirl Florence Ballard (Chicago Review Press/Lawrence Hill Books, 2008.), http://thelostsupreme.com

Alexander Billet (Chicago)
Rebel Frequencies, http://rebelfrequencies.blogspot.com
A site dedicated to examining the intersection of music with past and current struggles for justice and equality. Includes published articles, blog posts and upcoming events. "We want rebel music!"

Loren Bliss  (Pacific Northwest)
Loren Bliss: Outside Agitator's Notebook 
Outside Agitator's Notebook is a personal journal of iconoclasm including photography, collage, political commentary and excerpts from my work-in-progress memoir, "Encounters: a Modern Odyssey.

Kay Bourne (Boston)
Kay Bourne Arts Report. We get it out monthly. Published by the Color Of Film Collaborative which funds indie filmmakers of color. It's free but you have to sign up to get it.

Teresa Brady (Philadelphia)
Website: www.byTeresaBrady.com
My website is devoted to my new book, Ignite Your Psychic Intuition, to be released by Llewellyn Worldwide in July 2011. The website includes a blog on developing the intuition.

Leslie Brunetta (Boston)
Commentary on spiders, silk, evolution, genetics, and proteins, plus information about events, reviews, and updates related to Spider Silk: Evolution and 400 Million Years of Spinning, Waiting, Snagging, and Mating.

Shelley Buck (Santa Cruz/Monterey)
Author site with books, bio & blog! - http://www.shelleybuck.com  
ePícaro - A Journal of Travels. Short travel narratives (fiction too!) by mostly West Coast writers; site also features ebook publisher ePícaro Press - http://epicaro.com 
Views from a Pacific state: news, opinion, commentary, satire and outrage - http://buckdata.com

Elle Cabot (Southeastern Michigan/Detroit)
Elle Cabot's Storyboard, www.ellecabot.blogspot.com
The Storyboard chronicles the artistic process, staying afloat amidst the rising tides of cynicism, and coaxing radiant health from the inside out.

Helen Marie Casey (Boston)
Poet, essayist, and biographer Helen Marie Casey welcomes you to her site to share poems and literary excerpts and to follow her calendar for readings, lectures, workshops, classes, and discussions.

Peter Cavanaugh (At Large)
I unleashed a young Michael Moore upon an unsuspecting public when I ran some radio stations in Flint, Michigan, back in the early '80's, and am the author of "Local DJ", a book describing my sordid five decades in Rock 'n Roll Radio right up through today. And stuff.

Philip Cioffari (NY)
It cites and gives excerpts from my books, and photos and information about the movie I wrote and directed.

Christine Clemmings, writing under the pen name Abigail Clemmings (NY)
Reluctant Protagonists, http://reluctantprotagonists.blogspot.com/
Reluctant Protagonists is written from the point of view of passive fictional characters. They are resigned and world weary, and refuse to become involved in any sort of plot.

Ted Cohen (Boston)
Bush memoir, http://bushmemoir.blogspot.com
This blog promotes my memoir on former President George W. Bush.

Mark Connor (Twin Cities)
Boxers and Writers Magazine, www.boxersandwritersmagazine.com
To celebrate Boxing and Writing in a manner that proliferates the popularity of both, promote literacy within the boxing community, and encourage all to believe in themselves and their dreams. 

Janet M. Cromer (Washington,DC)
Creating a New Life after Brain Injury  www.janetcromer.com
Website and blog features information on my memoir Professor Cromer Learns to Read: A Couple's New Life after Brain Injury, my speaking business, and resources for survivors and family caregivers.

Colin Cronin (Chicago)
Ovation Press String Visions - http://stringvisions.ovationpress.com
Ovation Press String Visions is a contemporary resource center for classical musicians.

Judith Davidsen (NY)
DesignMatters, http://jdavidsen.wordpress.com.
So far the blog covers some surprising aspects of Shaker Design, and the rather frustrating design of an otherwise exciting recent exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Catherine DePino ( Philadelphia)
Catherine DePino writes for teachers, children, and parents. She writes both fiction and non-fiction and is currently concentrating on the topic of bullying: how it affects children and what they can do to stop it.

Catherine Jo Dixon ( Southest Michagan)
Feast of Languages: Musings on Classical Literature, www.feastoflanguages.com
A free web site that explains classical literature, English idioms, literary terms & theory, and has the occasional commentary on the English language and its use.

Debashis Dey  (At Large)
Himalayan Diary http://himalayandiary.com
Reflections from the top - diary of a recluse living among primitive tribal nomads in a remote Himalayan village close to Tibet border far away from civilization.

Mary K. Doyle (Chicago)
A web site about  my books - http://sainttheodora.wordpress.com
Read and comment on relevant issues of the day using Scripture, Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore Guerin's and other sources for inspiration, guidance, and comfort.

Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. (Chicago)
Cancer Prevention Coalition, www.preventcancer.com 
Huffington Post, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/samuel-s-epstein
The Cancer Prevention Coalition's goal is to reduce escalating cancer rates through a comprehensive strategy of public education, advocacy, and public policy initiatives to establish prevention as the nation's foremost cancer policy.

Elle Febbo (LA)
What Love Is A-Z, http://www.whatloveisa-z.com/default.aspx
A colorful and inspiring journey for children through the ABC’s of LOVE. Loving and Empowering literature for children, by Author and Inspirational Speaker, Elle Febbo.

Jay Feldman (Bay Area)
A website about my work, including a short bio.

Nancy B. Finn (Boston)
The website contains dynamic, well researched content about current issues in health care that are relevant to all patients and providers in the health care system and is focused on the implementation and application of digital communication in health care. Ms. Finn's book "e-Patients Live Longer, The Complete Guide to Managing Health Care Using Technology" is featured on this website.

Ted Fiskevold  (Twin Cities)
On the Road Through the Working Family Class Warfare Zones of the Midwest 
http://midwestuniontravel.wordpress.com/  (with Mark Froemke) Stories and photographs from a trip to Madison, Indianapolis, Columbus and back to Madison during the spring troubles.

Karen  Ford (Chicago)
The blog is for those with an interest in an exchange of ideas on race, gender, politics and culture.

William Friar (At Large)
Panama Guidebooks, www.panamaguidebooks.com
Information on traveling in Panama from the author of "Moon Handbooks: Panama" and "Portrait of the Panama Canal." Third edition of "Moon Handbooks: Panama" published November 2010.

Bruce Gagnon (Boston)
Organizing Notes, http://space4peace.blogspot.com/
Bruce Gagnon is coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. He offers his own reflections on organizing and the state of America's declining empire.

Kathie Giorgio (At Large)
AllWriters' Workplace & Workshop, www.allwriters.org 
Listing of classes and services available at AllWriters', studio offering online and on-site classes in all genres and abilities of creative writing, as well as coaching, editing, marketing services.
Kathie Giorgio’s writing, www.kathiegiorgio.org

Robert Giron (Washington, DC)
http://chezrobertgiron.blogspot.com, a blog of random thoughts about life, books, art, film, music, and theatre.www.givalpress.com, an independent publishing house in Arlington, Virginia.
website – www.robertgiron.com

Dunnia Goldstein, (NY)
http://www.dunniagoldstein.net and http://www.dunniagoldstein.com
 Dunnia is from Colombia where she was an acclaimed dancer and actress. In the USA, she worked as an interpreter, translator and on immigrant affairs. ¡Abracadabra Stop the Curse! and Beyond the Eclipse are her books, both available in Spanish.

Dr. Erica Goodstone (At Large)
My counseling/coaching site, describing my training and services
Articles about healing through love
Articles, products and services for wellness and healthy aging

Frances Grimble (San Francisco)
Lavolta Press. www.lavoltapress.com
The website describes my nine self-published books on historic costuming and vintage clothing.

Cynthia Haggard (Washington DC)
Spun Stories, www.spunstories.wordpress.com
Where I give advice on publishing your novel, review books, and spin stories out of words. 

Edward Hasbrouck, (Bay Area)
The Practical Nomad, www.hasbrouck.org/blog
News, tips, and consumer advice for travelers, with an emphasis on independent and international travel, air travel, and travel technology
The Identity Project ("Papers, Please!"), www.papersplease.org
Education and advocacy on travel-related civil liberties issues.

Odie Hawkins (LA) Odie Hawkins Unlimited, www.odiehawkins.blogspot.com
Odie Hawkins, http://odiehawkins.com/
WGA, http://www.wga.org/content/default.aspx?id=1032
The blogs and website detail what I've done, what I'm doing, and what I will be doing; Ifa willing.

Ken Heard (PA)
Journal of the Workingclass Struggle, http://groups.google.com/group/journaloftheworkingclassstruggle
Left-leaning organizations sending out their calls and activities to be posted on the site from such as the labor movement, Colors to the NAACP, the international peace and women’s movements and more.

Ruth Heil (PA)
The Write Beat's Back to Basics Blog, www.hilliardbooks.net
Website of novelist Patricia Hilliard. Historical novels about student anti-war protests, women workers union organizing and more. Short stories and poetry included.

E. Landon Hobgood (NY)
http://papagino.info features four books I have published to date. Included are links to the publishers, reviews, interviews and other information. See top of face page.

Shel Horowitz (Boston)
Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers,
Tips for a Happy, Healthy Life, http://tipsforlife.genehudgens.com
This is an educational/advice blog primarily for young people who are unprepared for the adult issues that confront them daily; mainly issues on sexuality, relationships, and planning for future.

Nick Isenberg (At Large)
Latest on groundbreaking documentaries "Before You Commit-Internet Dating" and
"Thyroid Cancer's Magic Bullet"

Elaine Greensmith Jordan (Arizona)
Highlights personal essays. "Essay and Memoir are my way of getting inside my mind and walking around. I learn who I am when I see the words on the page."

Susan D. Kalior (Pacific Northwest)
The Greedy Sparrow: An Armenian Tale (Marshall Cavendish, April 2011) is a children’s picture book drawn from the ancient Armenian oral tradition, conveying messages about greed, manipulation and using judgment.

Sue Katz (Boston)
Consenting Adult, www.suekatz.typepad.com
Political rants, cultural reviews, sexualities, the Middle East, and aging by the author of Thanks But No Thanks: The Voters Guide to Sarah Palin.

Evelyn D. Klein (Twin Cities) 
Evelyn Klein's website features descriptions of her two poetry and art books with sample poems. Also included are a bio, press releases, works in progress, and listing of upcoming events.
Louise Lacey (Bay Area)
Grow California native plants which after three years take only eight hours a year to maintain.

L.E. LaRue (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
 Lord GV11, http://lordgv11.blogspot.com/
I write about my everyday life, and about Emerson Hough, a western writer. He is my inspiration as he is from Newton, Iowa, like me.

Ursula K. Le Guin (Pacific Northwest)
Blog, events calendar, news, reviews of and by me, reproducible photos, bio and biblio, updates on Google Settlement, etc.

Michael Lindgren (NY)
Mike Lindgren Holla, www.mikelindgren.com
"Mike Lindgren Holla" is the home page and blog of Michael Lindgren, a freelance writer, editor, book reviewer, and musician based in New York City.

Eileen Malone (Bay Area)
List of author publications and literary awards.
Information on competition founded and directed by Eileen Malone.

Djelloul Marbrook (NY)
Political, cultural commentary, essays about fellow writers.

Lois Mathieu (Boston)
http://www.loisbooks.com is my website
http://lmathieu.blogspot.com is my blog
DEBUT (novel). Desire to know her heritage prompts a Metropolitan Opera star to search for her birth mother. Half U.S. population are related to a child given up for adoption.

Jeff McMahon (Tucson)
Personal website: writer, performer, theatre professor, http://www.jeffmcmahonprojects.net/
University website, http://theatrefilm.asu.edu/
Video Archive, http://www.vimeo.com/jeffmcmahon

Jo Anne Meekins (NY)
Inspired 4 U on Hubpages, http://hubpages.com/profile/inspired+4+u
A speaker, author, self-publishing book coach, and creator of inspirational products, information and services that support women in living vocal, valued and victorious lives; and help writers birth projects in excellence.

Peggy Melanson (Boston)
http://findingcourage.com - Website tells you who Peggy is and what she's been doing all these years.
http://zentangles.blogspot.com - Pen and Ink Art for Fun and Therapy.

Randy Susan Meyers (Boston)
Word Love, http://www.randysusanmeyers.com/blog/
How books make Randy Susan Meyers, author of The Murderer’s Daughter,s think, laugh, escape, and nod in agreement.

Roy Murphy (NY)
Editor, writer and designer, www.murphyroy.com
Samuel Buckley is my nom de plume for fictional matters, www.buckleysamuel.com
Samuel Buckley writes plays, stories, songs and poems.

Linda M. Rhinehart Neas (Boston)
Words from the Heart, http://contemplativeed.blogspot.com
HolisticWriting, http://www.holisticwritings.com
 Linda M. Rhinehart Neas’ blog and website connect critical literacy, social justice, peace work and spirituality through commentary, poetry and prose. Her words touch heart, mind and soul.

Philip T. Nicholson (Boston)
Meditation & Light Visions: A Neurological Analysis, www.philipnicholson.com
Learn How Yogis, Lamas, and Daoist Masters Use Sleep Rhythms to Induce Trances, Control Pain, and Trigger the Ecstatic Raptures Described in the Ancient Texts of India, China, and Tibet.

Dirk van Nouhuys (Bay Area)
Dirk van Nouhuys, www.wandd.com
The main page describes my literary activities. Links point to a complete list of publications, excerpts from my work, my resume as a technical writer, and my life in pictures. 

Brigid O'Farrell (Bay Area)
All about my new book She Was One of Us: Eleanor Roosevelt and the American Worker --reviews, publications, photographs, radio and appearance schedule, teaching tools.

Frances Shani Parker (Michigan)
Frances Shani Parker, http://www.francesshaniparker.com
Highlights my bio and book, Becoming Dead Right: A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nursing Homes.
Hospice and Nursing Homes Blog, http://hospiceandnursinghomes.blogspot.com
Blog topics include eldercare, hospice, nursing homes, dementia, caregiving, death, and bereavement. 

Charles Patterson (New York)
http://www.charleswpatterson.com - All about Charles, his books, his bio, and  his masterwork, Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust, now in its 4th printing and translated into 15 languages.

Jeffrey B. Perry (NY)
www.jeffreybperry.net   Jeff Perry is an independent historian whose work focuses on Hubert Harrison ("The Father of Harlem Radicalism") and Theodore W. Allen (author of "The Invention of the White Race"), two anti-white supremacist, working-class writer/activists.

Karen Pittelman (NY)
Writer's Remedy, www.writersremedy.com
Stuck? Stop cursing at the computer screen--I can help. I work with professional writers and academics across all genres, from journalism to poetry, non-fiction to novels.

Eugene Platt (At-Large)
Eugene Platt for SC State House, www.voteplatt.com
Eugene, the only elected Green in South Carolina, has a very creative website maintained by his son Paul. It is an unusual political website featuring a webpage with six poems.

Suzi Prozanski (Pacific Northwest)
Coincidental Communications, www.suzipro.com
The web page for Fruit of the Sixties: The Founding of the Oregon Country Fair, a book that travels through time to the Golden Age of Counterculture in Eugene, Oregon.

Aliana Brodmann E. von Richthofen (Boston)
Stop Employer Bullying, www.stopemployerbullying.org
To help others who are being unfairly bullied, discriminated and retaliated against by their employers. Site also offers a place to post employment stories and to ask for advice.

Aaron S. Robertson (At-Large)
Metro-Milwaukee Power Networkers Blog, http://www.milwaukeenetworking.blogspot.com 
Features news, advice, opinion polls, exclusive interviews, contact information for networking groups and organizations, and many other valuable resources for Milwaukee-area business owners and professionals. Hosted by Intrepid Innovations Inc.

Neil J. Savage (Boston )
The Literate Savage, http://theliteratesavage.com/the-book/jonathan-bakers-house-on-lime-street
The website includes ongoing sagas, useless advice, what people really said in famous  quotations, cutting edge philosophy, and info on my novel Jonathan Baker's House on Lime Street.

Mark Schafer (Boston)
Before Saying, http://www.beforesaying.com
BeforeSaying.com highlights Mark Schafer's translations (including The Scale of Maps and the Before Saying Any of the Great Words: Selected Poems of David Huerta) and his map-based visual art.

Jeff Schmidt (DC)
Disciplined Minds, http://disciplinedminds.com
Schools and workplaces are battlegrounds for the very identity of the individual.  The key to surviving as an independent thinker is understanding that creative work is inherently political.
J.A. Shapira,  Freelance Journalist
Specializing in savoir-vivre and luxury lifestyle stories, J.A. Shapira is an avid contributor to a variety of interesting and popular magazines across North America.

Janette D. Sherman, M. D. (DC)
This site is from a physician, toxicologist, writer and editor who has information about chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and nuclear radiation that cause cancer and environmental damage.

Don Shewey (NY)
An archive of 40 years' worth of arts criticism and reporting, with a heavy emphasis on theater
anothereyeopens.com: a blog that features cultural commentary from the desk of Don Shewey

Erin Siegal (Bay Area)
Finding Fernanda: Two Mothers, One Child, and a Cross-Border Search for Truth
The investigative journalism story of two mothers who unwittingly end up playing central roles in Guatemala’s underground industry: the buying and selling children for international adoption.

Ruth F. Simon (NY)
RFS-Freelance, http://www.rfs-freelance.com
As a freelance writer and editor, I partner with my clients to help them communicate more successfully. My website has my blog, my rates and samples of my work.

Constance Sohodski (writing as C. M. Barrett) (At-Large)
A Dragon's Guide to Destiny, <a data-cke-saved-href="http://www.adragonsguide.com/" href="http://www.adragonsguide.com/" target="_blank>http://www.adragonsguide.com/
 Home of the fantasy series, A Dragon's Guide to Destiny. The first book, Big Dragons Don't Cry, will be published in early February. Free excerpt available via the website.

Miranda C. Spencer (PA)
Red Panda Communications, http://redpandacommunications.com/WP/
Red Panda Communications (aka yours truly) offers freelance journalism, editing, and ghostwriting services. The site includes my bio/resume, a work portfolio, references, and my sustainability pledge.

Janet Spurr (Boston)
Beach Chair Diaries, www.janetspurr.com www.beachchairdiaries.com
Beach Chair Diaries, Summer Tales from Maine to Maui is a collection of non-fiction humorous travel essays. It will bring you summer time all year long. 

John Stachel (Boston)
Center for Einstein Studies,  http://www.bu.edu/dev/ces/papers/index.htm
There are papers and PowerPoints on Marxism, quantum gravity and history and philosophy of science.
Anne M. Stickel (Santa Cruz)
e-zine, Black Petals, www.blackpetals.net.
Spooky speculative fiction and poetry in English. I write a quarterly review-editorial for the 'zine. We also link a sister 'zine edited by Cindy Rosmus – Yellow Mama.

Tekla Szymanski (NY)
Media and New Media Meet, http://teklaszymanski.wordpress.com/
A blog analyzing how print and web interact, how new media have changed our culture, society and communications. Old and new meet to get better content, no matter the platform.

Paul Werner, PhD (NY)
WOID: a journal of visual language, http://theorangepress.com
Paul Werner, his avatars and acolytes, and their publications: Museum, Inc., The Red Museum, Ya-Trang. The Orange Press. The Giddiyap Society.

Steven Westlake (NY)
National Police Gazette, www.PoliceGazette.US
Dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and continuation of the National Police Gazette. Contains an archive of historical materials, reproductions of Police Gazette art, a research service, and new features.

Patrice Woeppel, Ed.D. (NY)
Depraved Indifference: the Workers' Compensation System, www.patricewoeppel.us
Every eight minutes in this country, someone dies from an occupational illness or injury. All across America, workers are being injured, killed, or exposed to toxins from which they are dying.  

Sandy Woodthorpe, (At-Large)
She Has Class, www.shehasclass.blogspot.com
The blog describes my experiences as a older student making a career shift to nursing.
Twitter: @back2school

Jimmy Zuma (DC) 
Smart v. Stupid, http://smartvstupid.com
Smart v. Stupidis political opinion aimed at elevating smart ideas and debunking dumb ones. Today’s battle for power isn’t right-left, big-small or conservative-liberal. It is smart versus stupid.

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