NWU Member Rudy Acuna's Book Banned in Arizona

From Salon.com (by Jeff Biggers  1/13/12): "As part of the state-mandated termination of its ethnic studies  program, the Tucson Unified School District released an initial list of books to be banned from its schools today. According to district spokeperson Cara Rene, the books 'will be cleared from all classrooms, boxed up and sent to the Textbook Depository for storage.'" One of the books is “Occupied America: A History of Chicanos” by NWU member Rudy Acuña. It has often been "singled out by Arizona state superintendent of public instruction John Huppenthal, who campaigned in 2010 on the promise to 'stop la raza'.  Huppenthal, who once lectured state educators that he based his own school principles for children on corporate management schemes of the Fortune 500, compared Mexican-American studies to Hitler Jugend indoctrination last fall."

Fighting back in Arizona: This video clip describes a caravan of libro-traficantes (book traffickers) that will wind its way from Houston, Texas from March 12-18 across Interstate 10 to smuggle truckloads of contraband books (wet books) back into Arizona.

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