NWU Activists Will Tell Arianna Huffington to “Pay the Writer”

NWU Activists Will Tell Arianna Huffington to “Pay the Writer”

On Wednesday, May 2, members of the National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981’s Pay the Writer campaign will be rallying against Arianna Huffington’s presence as the guest of honor at the National Women’s Law Center’s 40th birthday celebration.

Although the Huffington Post is one of the largest and most successful web sites in the world, it continues to exploit unpaid contributors. Through its “Off the Bus” program, the Huffington Post invites “citizen journalists’ to cover the election, at their own expense, for no pay. Pay the Writer believes if you do original reporting, work with an editor, and publish at a for-profit web site, you should be compensated for your work.

Pay the Writer is committed to reversing the race-to-the-bottom in online publishing. NWU launched the campaign when AOL purchased The Huffington Post for $315 million and none of the money went to the countless journalists and writers whose unpaid labor built the site.

Location: 580 West End Avenue (between 88th and 89th Streets), 5:30, May 2

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