NWU Accomplishments

The National Writers Union has worked hard to defend writers rights and economic interests. Here are a few of its accomplishments.

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Online Rights Case

The NWU took on major publishing houses in Tasini v. New York Times, a ground-breaking lawsuit that in 2001 established writers' legal right to sell articles republished in electronic media. That means writers must give permission and receive additional compensation for such republished articles.

Contract Advice

Our nationwide network of contract advisers assists members in understanding and negotiating writing contracts with publishers, agents or work-for-hire clients. Whether your contract concerns a book, article, research report, short story, computer manual or screenplay - and whether it's for a print or an online publication - our contract advisers can help ensure that you get a fair deal.

Grievance Assistance

The NWU has a network of member-writers who serve as grievance officers to help other members with specific problems. NWU grievance officers have recovered more than $1 million from publishers through individual and groups grievances and have helped members with hundreds of non-monetary grievances.

Setting Industry Standards

NWU members have developed and advocated basic standards for fair practice in publishing, telecommunications and other industries that employ writers. Through standard contracts, surveys and studies, books, mass media and the Internet, the NWU promotes justice for writers.

Government Advocacy

The NWU has testified before the U.S. Senate and other government agencies on copyright reform for all creators and represented writers on government advisory committees that deal with intellectual property issues. In addition, we are sponsoring legislation in Congress for an exemption for all types of creators to anti-trust laws.

Support for Free Expression

The NWU defends authors' constitutional rights to free expression. The NWU joined the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Communications Decency Act and we have protested state and corporate censorship in many specific cases around the country. The new Community Action Program Committee (CAP) was active during the recent national election and looks forward to promoting writers' rights in a national agenda.

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