Membership Benefits

In keeping with its mission to defend writers' rights and economic conditions, the NWU works hard to improve the working and economic lives of freelance writers. The NWU, through the collective efforts of its members, is able to provide a host of resources, benefits, and services to those who join these efforts.

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Contract Advice. The union's network of skilled, experienced contract advisers help you negotiate better contracts.

Grievance Assistance. Union grievance officers have recovered more than $1.4 million for NWU members and have represented members in non-monetary grievances as well.

Advocacy. The union engages in legislative action, legal action, and other kinds of organizing campaigns to defend contract rights and free expression, and to advocate for better working conditions for writers.

Member Education. Education is a key component of keeping our membership ahead of the game regarding rights, skills and power as writers and union members. This includes the Grievance and Contract Division's contract language and grievance handling basics for members as well as regular workshops and seminars at the chapter level on everything from finding an agent to marketing your work to self-publishing.

A Community of Writers. As a freelance writer you may work individually, but you're not alone. Our community of more than 1,300 freelance writers is a major benefit in itself. From advice on how to better market your writing, to tips on negotiating contracts, to job leads, members share experiences and expertise at events and membership meetings at the chapter level and through genre-specific e-mail discussion lists.

Writer Resources and Publications. The NWU's Journalism, Book and BizTechdivisions work to improve the economic conditions of writers by taking action on issues relevant to those genres. The divisions provide resources for writer advancement and empowerment, spearhead innovative organizing campaigns, and advocate for improved contract standards.

Health Insurance.  NWU members have access to group dental and vision coverage. All members receive a free prescription drug discount card.

Union Plus (AFL-CIO). NWU members benefit from the consumer buying power of more than 13 million members of AFL-CIO unions through the Union Plus program. Union Plus provides special deals on credit cards, mortgages, legal services, car rentals, education services, vacation tours, computer hardware, and more. This benefits program alone will save you the annual cost of your membership. Go to

Press Passes. You might be a freelance journalist, but that doesn't mean you have to be scooped by staff reporters. The union will certify that members are working journalists by issuing a press credential to those who qualify. (Qualifications include proof of recent publication:  two years for journalists, five years for book authors.  See the Tools and Resources for Members Only for detailed criteria, fees, and application form.)  An NWU press pass, laminated and complete with your photograph, will allow you to gain access to important events.

Grievances Cases.  Please see the some of our Successful Grievances Cases here.

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