Hire A Union Writer

NWU is starting a new service, replacing the old Job Hotline with Hire A Union Writer, a space where members can market themselves for work as a writer with a link to their blog, website or resume.

While we don’t expect it to be an overnight hit as a hiring hall, it can be a place where other unions and progressive organizations can find union writers. Over time, we will try to promote the site to other potential employers. Also, some BizTech writers and others are eligible for unemployment insurance which they may find easier to collect if they are registered as available for work with their union.

On the Members Only section of the website, you will find a short form to fill out, including room for a 50-word description of the kind of writing you do and your experience. That will go to our webmaster who will post it on the public Hire A Union Writer page along with the link of your choice.

We especially want to thank veteran member/activist Bruce Hartford, who helped to establish the original Job Hotline and who suggested this new service for our members. Credit goes as well to the members who have urged us to revive the Job Hotline. When members speak, we listen.




Name: Ellen Ziegler
Email: ellenziegler@optonline.net
Phone: 845-634-2261
Location: New York, NY
Professional Work Link http://ellenzieglerblog.wordpress.com/
Background: My life experience, publishing credits: non fiction and fiction, articles, essays, poetry, novel, short stories, plus reporting for the Gannett newspapers gave me the tools to write about a variety of subjects. I am a Board Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner with cutting edge knowledge on the latest research in wellness.


Name: Bruce Hartford
Email: bruceh@wwwriters.com
Phone: 415.642.7933
Location: San Francisco, CA
Professional Work Link Http://wwwriters.com
Background: Software administrator and operator manuals for complex enterprises (UNIX, Linux, Windows). History, and economic, social and political analysis.


Name: Kathleen A. (Kali) Robson
Email: nwplants@teleport.com
Phone: 360-225-6440
Location: Woodland, WA
Professional Work Link Http://www.nothingbutnwnatives.com
Background: A botanist by training, I wrote the text of Encyclopedia of NW Native Plants for Gardens & Landscapes. I have written newspaper articles on gardening with natives & related environmental topics. Also technical scientific papers. Outline of my present book on science & evolution plus blog at www.morethanthesum.com


Name: Patricia Hilliard
Email: info@mediastarship.net
Phone: 201-595-9748
Location: Bayonne, NJ
Professional Work Link Http://www.mediastarship.net
Background: Public relations writing and photography for websites, brochures and newsletters for non-profits, unions and union candidates, tenant groups, environmental groups, state parks, county tourism depts., schools and individuals and small businesses.


Name: Kristen Loschert
Email: kristen@loschert.com
Phone: 703-942-5540
Location: Falls Church, VA
Professional Work Link Http://www.kristenloschert.com
Background: I write news and feature articles and online content for consumer, trade, and niche publications; associations; nonprofit organizations; and universities. I specialize in education and labor issues, but also cover children/family/parenting topics, some health topics, and a bit of business.


Name: Robert Allen Maxwell
Email: maxcoyotera@earthlink.net
Phone: 1(850)651-2331
Location: Shalimar, FL
Background: I Have written and had Published, Two small cooking books and Two small childrens Books with small story's and coloring Illustrations. and also have a few small articles on AllVoices web.


Name: Annie Markovich
Email: anniemarkovich@mac.com
Phone: 773-221-5048
Location: Chicago, IL
Background: My writing focuses on the visual arts, painting, drawing and sculpture particularly international artists. Articles have appeared in Palettin, Form Function, Finland, Helsingen Sanomat, Art in America, Sculpture, and The New Art Examiner where I worked as managing editor. I work free-lance for the Southeast Observer located in Chicago reporting on community issues of art, health and renewal.


Name: John Oliver Mason
Email: jm2234c@comcast.net
Phone: 215-271-2982
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Background: I am a freelance writer, having written for newspapers in the Philadelphia area for over twenty years. I am prompt in submitting my work, and I am very accurate in my reporting.


Name: Sarah Grey
Email: sarah@greyediting.com
Phone: 267-971-7654
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Professional Work Link Http://www.greyediting.com
Background: Copywriting, blogging, marketing and sales writing, websites, editing, and more. We take the time to get to know your business, your brand, and your voice. With Grey Editing, you get copy that’s customized to your needs, not canned.


Name: Sara Amis
Email: mabonwy@gmail.com
Phone: 706-424-6331
Location: Atlanta, GA
Professional Work Link http://www.saracamis.blogspot.com/
Background: Fiction, poetry, articles of both a journalistic and academic nature. Interests include the environment, history, labor, human rights issues, and politics, especially how one or more of these intertwine. I can also write with enthusiasm about food.


Name: Laura M. LaVoie
Email: lmlavoie@gmail.com
Phone: 404-932-2229
Location: Asheville, NC
Professional Work Link http://www.lmlavoie.com
Background: Laura M. LaVoie specializes in blogging and essay writing. She currently writes for Tiny House Talk, Asheville Beer City Guide, The Labor Academy, and Haley Marketing. Laura lives in a 120 Square Foot house in the mountains of North Carolina and has maintained a blog on her experience for three years.


Name: Maria Ochoa
Email: maria@mariaochoa.com
Phone: 510-537-8150
Location: Hayward, CA
Professional Work Link http://www.mariaochoa.com
Background: María Ochoa is a writer whose books include Russell City: Images of America; Shout Out: Women of Color Respond to Violence; Creative Collectives, and Enunciating Our Terms. She is author, as well, of numerous articles and essays. Dr. Ochoa’s current projects in development include a graphic history about the San Patricios. The Hayward Area Historical Society presented her with the 2010 John Sandoval Award for “outstanding research and documentation of local history; the California State Assembly honored her as a Woman of the Year in 1999. Other awards include an artist grant from the Creative Work Fund, two Ford Foundation research fellowships, a National Women’s Studies Association dissertation prize, and a residency with the UC Humanities Research Institute. Dr. Ochoa teaches at San José State University in the Department of Interdisciplinary Social Science


Name: Thomas Altfather Good
Email: thomasaltfathergood@gmail.com
Phone: 347-524-5631
Location: Staten Island, NY
Professional Work Link http://photojournalism.thomasgood.com
Background: Photojournalist,member of National Press Photographers Association, covering NYC area. Photographs have appeared in The American Postal Worker, The Nation, Profil (Austrian newsweekly), The Raw Story and numerous other publications. Video clips have appeared on Spike TV, PBS, and The Discovery Channel.


Name: Lane Startin
Email: lane@lanestartin.org
Phone: 208-484-7561
Location: Boise, ID
Professional Work Link http://lanestartin.org
Background: Nonfiction writer, blogger, satirist, published author (ISBN 1891696173)


Name: D Erik Emison
Email: d.e.emison@gmc.com
Phone: 202-670-7501
Location: Zephyrhills, FL
Professional Work Link http://fafpinc.com
Background: Telecommunications and Security (multiple aspects) expert. Ethnographic style Photo journalism news correspondent and feature writing. Diverse background including volunteer work with ACLU (legal), Human Rights, Labor Relations and US Economic system effect on people, Israeli Palestinian Conflict, Prior minority political party State Secretary.


Name: Rachel Olivier
Email: rachel@puttputtproductions.com
Phone: 323-856-9501
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Professional Work Link http://puttputtproductions.com
Background: Freelance writer, copy editor and proofreader. Articles, book and movie reviews, career bios, resumes, business and career letters and essays. See puttputtproductions.com. Also author of fiction and poetry. See rachelvolivier.com


Name: Tim Brown
Email: bandit73@outlook.com
Location: Bellevue, KY
Professional Work Link http://onlinelunchpail.blogspot.com/
Background: I have written for progressive populist causes since 1993. I have a one-of-a-kind Kentucky perspective on the issues.


Name: Melissa Walsh
Email: melissa@powerplaycommunications.com
Phone: 248-650-2995
Location: Rochester, Michigan
Professional Work Link http://powerplaycommunications.com
Background: Doing business as Powerplay Communications, I build and package a message for a target audience, delivering concise, effective written communication. My services include developing business-to-business collateral, reference documentation, feature articles, and content marketing plans and posts.
A quick study, thorough researcher, and master wordsmith, I demonstrate proficiency for writing on any topic. However, I specialize in topics related to history, government, automotive technology, and sports.


Name: Ruth Heil
Email: ruth@thewritebeat.com
Phone: 215-234-0447
Location: Green Lane, PA
Professional Work Link http://thewritebeat.com
Background: As a freelance writer who specializes in simplification and has a keen interest in environmental science and nature-related issues, I enjoy translating complicated information into terms the average person can understand. Published articles have appeared in Philadelphia's Grid Magazine, Lehigh Valley Business, Lehigh Valley Marketplace, Blue Ridge Outdoors, and coming December 24, Chicken Soup for the Soul's The Dating Game. Learn more about me at my website.


Name: Mark Connor
Email: markconnor@juno.com
Phone: 651-312-0191
Location: St. Paul, MN
Professional Work Link http://boxersandwritersmagazine.com
Background: Active as a Freelance Writer/Journalist since 1997, providing features, news, marketing and advocacy. Range of projects includes business, arts and leisure, history and culture, sports, politics and entertainment. Specializing in profiles of small businesses, available for press releases, advertorials, and marketing packages. While an expert in the sport of Boxing, will write promotional material for athletes and organizations, sports promotions, and all forms of public events.


Name: Claire Moore
Email: cmoorewriter@gmail.com
Location: Sacramento, CA
Professional Work Link http://www.cmoorewriter.com/
Background: Freelance writer since 2009 specializing in higher education, small business, personal finance and income tax, education tech, gardening. My articles have appeared on: MoneyCrashers; Grit; Highbeam Business blog; Highbeam Research blog; Business Insights Global; Move.com; Questia blog; Cengage Brainiac. I have contributed to several issues of the Business Plans Handbook.
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