Help Save Our Post Offices

NWU's National Executive Council has voted to support U.S. Rep. Stephen J. Lynch’s bill, called “U.S. Postal Service Pension Obligation Recalculation and Restoration Act of 2011." This legislation addresses a decades-old accounting error that led to the Postal Service being overcharged by billions of dollars for payments into the Civil Service Retirement System. The bill would allow the USPS to improve its financial future.

The U.S. Postal Service is a success story among U.S. government agencies. The USPS takes no taxpayer money, it delivers mail (including independent publications and local newspapers that ensure free speech) at very low cost to every community and every individual living in the U.S. Its thousands of workers are unionized, and not only is it financially self-supporting, but it has always brought in a surplus.

In the lame duck session of 2006, the Republican majority in Congress passed a law requiring USPS to accumulate, in advance, enough money to pay for the next 75 years-worth of health care benefits for its present and future employees. It is to come up with this money in the next 10 years. No other government agency (and no business) has such a burdensome requirement, which has caused a USPS deficit of billions of dollars that it cannot pay. To close this deficit gap, the USPS is planning to close hundreds of local Post Offices, especially in remote rural areas and small towns; and to lay off 120,000 unionized postal workers.

Please write and call your representative to the U.S. Congress to ask them to co-sponsor the bill. Click here for their contact information.

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