Healthcare Deduction


Increasing Self-Employed Tax Deduction for Health Insurance Premiums
December 14, 1999
As we reported to you in November, Congress has several bills before it that contain a provision to increase the self-employed individual's tax deduction for health insurance premiums to 100 percent. Because most freelance writers and artists earn modest incomes, many find themselves uninsured or underinsured for health care. This tax deduction is a small measure, but it will allow more of our colleagues to afford care and reduce the financial burden on others.
Congress adjourned for the holidays without acting on any of the several bills that contain provisions to increase this tax deduction. However, these bills will be there when Congress reconvenes on January 24, 2000.
Many of you already have contacted your representatives to tell them of the interest we share in increasing this tax deduction and the impact it would have on improving access to health care. We thank you for your efforts on behalf of all freelance writers and self-employed individuals in general.
During the Congressional break, local leaders of the National Writers Union will meet with U.S. Senators in their home districts to discuss with them ways to get the tax deduction increased. Writers on these visits also will familiarize our Senators with the NWU and other writers' issues.
We will keep you posted on the feedback from these visits, and on other steps you can take to support this legislation during 2000. The NWU will continue to work hard for this tax deduction increase. If you would like background information on this topic, you may:
Search the Library of Congress web site for relevant bills at and search "tax deductions," "independent contractors," or specific bills including S. 135, HR 2990, or HR 3081.
Have a happy holiday season.
Jonathan Tasini
President, National Writers Union


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