Grievance and Contract Division (GCD)

 Contract advice and grievance assistance are brought to you by the NWU Grievance and Contract Division (GCD). The GCD consists of:

  • Volunteer Contract Advisers who help NWU members understand and negotiate their contracts with publishers and employers
  • Volunteer Grievance Officers who go to bat for members who have been abused or cheated by publishers or employers

The GCD also offers seminars and other educational opportunities to hone your contract skills and then apply them to helping other union members.

Contract Advice. Have you been presented a contract and don't know what or how to negotiate? The NWU's nationwide network of contract advisers assists members by reviewing contracts of all genres. Contract advice is the first step in not being stiffed and learning first-hand what makes a fair contract.

Grievance Assistance. Is your publisher refusing to pay you? Delaying the publication of a timely work? Misreporting your royalties? The NWU's skilled grievance officers have recovered more than $1.4 million for writers from publishers through individual and group grievances, and have represented members in non-monetary grievances.

Writer Alerts. The GCD also posts writers alerts from time to time, warning writers about unscrupulous publishers. Stay away from these folks.

Contract Resource Materials. The GCD also offers a host of written how-to documents that will save you time and money. These resources can be found under Tools and Resources in both the General and Members Only sections.

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