Divisions, Committees, and Caucuses


The work of the National Writers Union is organized into various divisions, committees, and caucuses.  Click on the links below for more information:

Grievance and Contract Division (GCD): The GCD provides contract advice and grievance assistance to all members.  The GCD consists of volunteer contract advisers who help NWU members understand and negotiate their contracts with publishers and employers and volunteer grievance officers who go to bat for members who have been abused or cheated by publishers or employers.

Organizing Divisions: The NWU's organizing efforts are split between the Journalism, Book and BizTech divisions.  These divisions work to improve the economic conditions of writers by taking action on issues relevant to those genres.

National Committees:  Specialized committees exist at the national level.  These committees advocate for issues that effect all writers.

National Caucuses:  These groups are less structured than committees, but serve as a gathering point for writers with specific interests.

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