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The International Federation of Journalists is partnering with WageIndicator, a global wage survey that measures wages of over 1,500 different occupations and 400 industries in over 48 countries around the world to date.

With the participation of the IFJ and your union this year, journalists’ salaries will, for the first time, be assessed on a global scale...


What does the survey assess?

The survey will measure, in particular, journalists’ average salary based on experience, salaries of young journalists entering the profession and the gender pay gap in the profession (if any).

The analysed data will be published in different languages and made accessible online. The findings will serve as a national wage indicator for journalists around the world.


How can journalists benefit from this survey?

It is important for every journalist to get decent pay for their work. By taking part in this survey, journalists will be able to carry out a “salary check” by comparing their current salaries with those of their peers, or those in other occupations in a global labour market.

Journalists can also take a “decent work check” to assess whether their working conditions are decent and based on international standards and in agreement with the national law of the countries where they work.

More importantly, journalists and unions can use this information for effective collective bargaining. Such information is particularly helpful in salary and benefit negotiations during a difficult time when many journalists face salary cuts and deteriorating working conditions.

Making such information available to the public, journalists are making the profession more transparent and accountable. It will help promote public trust in journalists and journalism.


What happens next?

The participation of your union and your members in this global wage survey is essential to strengthen collective bargaining of journalists and unions.



Please do not hesitate to contact Pamela Morinière ( or Yuk Lan Wong ( if you have further enquires.

For more information about WageIndicator, please contact Paulien Osse (; tel.: +31 6 539 77 695), Director of Wage Indicator Foundation.
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Pamela Morinière and Yuk Lan Wong


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