Civil Rights

The National Writers Union commits itself to representing the interests of writers of diverse cultural, ethnic, racial and religious heritage; writers of all sexual/gender orientations; and writers with disabilities.

The union's Civil Rights Committee, formerly called the National Diversity Committee, exists to assist the NWU president, National Executive Board, division chairs, delegates and local chapters in fulfilling the NWU's commitment to diversity as core union work. The Civis Rights Committee works to:

    • Identify strategies for pressing the various sectors of the publishing industry and writing-related programs to represent, in their staffs, publishing lists and marketing strategies, the full range of writers in the US;
    • Facilitate the development of resources for use by local chapters to effectively organize writers of color, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual) writers and writers with disabilities;
    • Offer suggestions on cross-community dialogue and networking;
    • Evaluate and report on the various organizing strategies in use.


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