Calling All Writers: Important Update on Revised Google Book Settlement

If you've ever written anything that might be in the collection of a major library—not just books—you might be affected by the proposed settlement of the Google Book Search ("GBS") copyright infringement lawsuit.

To help inform NWU members and other writers, the NWU has posted a new set of answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the revised Google Book Search settlement proposal and the choices all authors need to make by the new deadline of January 28, 2010.  This also includes a sample letter writers can use if they want to opt out of the proposed settlement.  This document (FAQ) is on the Google Settlement page of the website. 

The original settlement proposal was opposed by the National Writers Union, other writers' organizations, individual writers, and other organizations, and was withdrawn by its proponents. 

Now there is a new settlement proposal. All authors and publishers have a second chance until January 28, 2010, to decide whether they want to be included in this revised settlement. 

You have this second chance regardless of whether you ever got any official notice, and regardless of what (if anything) you did about the original settlement proposal. But some of your choices—particularly doing nothing—will become binding and irrevocable after January 28, 2010, so you need to be knowledgeable and take deliberate action. 
Please share this information with fellow NWU members and other writers. If you find this information useful, and aren't a member, we encourage you to join, or rejoin, the NWU.
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