About the NWU


The National Writers Union is more than just another writers' organization. It is the only labor union that represents freelance writers in all genres, formats, and media.

As freelancers we may value our autonomy, but we are united in the fact that we work independently. We face the same challenges, file the same income tax forms, and often suffer the same frustrations. Whether you're a journalist, a book author or a technical or business writer - whether you write poetry or proposals - the NWU is already working to improve your professional life.

By joining the NWU you can directly benefit from the many valuable services the Union offers its members - including grievance assistance, contract advice and much more - and actively contribute to a growing movement of professional freelancers who have banded together to assert their collective power.

With the combined strength of more than 1,500 members in 15 local chapters nationwide, and with the support of the United Automobile Workers (UAW), the NWU works to advance the economic and working conditions of writers. We do this by challenging the corporate media giants, lobbying Congress to pass legislation that protects the rights of writers, creating viable solutions to provide publishers fair alternatives to unfair practices, and educating and empowering our members.

As we march further into the new millennium, our work has become more crucial than ever. With the consolidation of power into the hands of ever-larger corporate entities and with the advent of technologies that facilitate the exploitation of a writer's work, the individual writer has become increasingly disenfranchised. Now, more than ever, writers need an organization with the clout and know-how to protect our interests. One that will forge new rules for a new era, fight hard and take chances. One that goes to bat, goes to court, and goes to the streets, if need be, to protect writers' rights.

Let's face it: there's more to being a professional writer than just writing well. Talent and experience won't protect you from inept or unscrupulous employers, those who misuse your work, demand rights that are yours, underpay, pay late or won't pay at all.

The National Writers Union defends its members and all writers by fighting to win rights, fair compensation, and just plain dignity...and we succeed!


Why Join the National Writers Union


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