24 Hour Strike Against BBC by British Journalists Over Layoffs

BBC Journalists Strike Over Layoffs (story from BBC News 2/18/13)

Many BBC journalists have gone on strike for 24 hours in a dispute over compulsory redundancies. The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) said it called the strike after failing to reach an agreement with management. The disagreement was over the redeployment of 30 staff members facing compulsory redundancy.

The flagship Today programme on BBC Radio 4 was dropped from the schedule, replaced by repeats and short news summaries on the hour. On television, BBC Breakfast was broadcast from London by a single presenter, instead of its regular Salford hosts. The usual programme was replaced with a 30-minute bulletin on the hour, followed by daytime programmes including Cash in the Attic and Escape to the Country. On Radio 5 live, the overnight Up All Night programme and Morning Reports were dropped, while Radio 4 news programmes The World At One, The World Tonight and PM were all affected.

The BBC press office is running a webpage with rolling updates of affected programmes and changes to the schedule. The corporation is cutting about 2,000 jobs over five years as part of its Delivering Quality First programme.

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